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Frequently asked Questions

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FontaFit Pro-App

Make sure that you have not connected the device via the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. You can tell whether the device is already connected to a smartphone by the >B< display. If you have connected the device using your phone's Bluetooth settings, first remove the device and turn Bluetooth off on your phone. Open the "FontaFit Pro" app, activate Bluetooth and add the device via the app.
Below you can see the connection icon of the FontaFit 140

If there are problems with the connection, it helps to reset the FontaFit 140CH or reset it to factory settings. Proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the clock display by briefly pressing the touch key.
  2. When the display is on and the clock display is active, press and hold the key for about 1 second until the clock menu appears.
  3. .
  4. Press the key briefly to select the menu item "RESET" and confirm by pressing the key again for about 1 second.
  5. The unit now resets itself. and is ready for operation again as soon as the display lights up.

The following is a video showing the reset process.

Check your phone for available software updates and install them.
Clear the Google Play Store data and cache by opening your phone's settings, tapping Apps & Notifications > View All Apps, and going to Google Play Store > Memory. Tap "Clear Cache", "Clear Data", restart your phone and try to install the app.
If you cannot install the app from the Play Store, try installing it manually. Open the website on your computer and scan the QR code "Direct Download (Android)" with your smartphone or download the installation file directly from the following link: Direct Download (Android).
Activate the option "Unknown Sources" under "Settings" > "Device Security", open the previously downloaded installation file and follow the installation instructions.
Please note that the menu items on your smartphone may have a different name.
The app requires at least Android 4.4 and Bluetooth version 4.0.

You can only connect one fitness watch with the app. Multiple devices connected to a smartphone at the same time are not supported.

While the app is running, the notification with the current step information is displayed. You can disable all notifications of the app by holding the notification and tapping (i). The > App Notifications settings will open. Enable the "Block All" option. No more notifications from the app will be displayed.
This option has no effect on incoming notifications from other apps. Notifications will continue to be displayed on the connected device.

In the detail view of the "FontaFit Pro" app, tap on the calendar or protocol icon and select the corresponding entry to display the data of past days.

Whether a firmware update is available for your fitness watch is indicated by the red indicator in the Firmware Update section. To update the firmware, go to "Firmware Update". In the following screen you will see the firmware changes. Click "Update" to download the firmware and transfer it to your fitness watch.
Note: Please make sure that the fitness watch is fully charged before the firmware update. Do not use the fitness watch and your phone during the entire firmware update.

FontaHome App

You can link your devices and scenes from the FontaHome app to Amazon Alexa.
Proceed as follows:

1. Make sure that your devices have been added to the FontaHome app and are online.
2. Open the "Amazon Alexa" App and navigate to "Skills and Games" in the menu..

3. Search for skill "Smart Life".

Note: If you are not yet logged in to the Amazon Alexa App, please use your Amazon account connected to your Amazon Alexa enabled device (e.g. Amazon Echo) to log in to the Amazon Alexa App.
4. Click "ENABLE" to link your Alexa account to your FontaHome account.

5. You will be redirected to the login page for the skill "Smart Life". Please login here with the same data you used to register the FontaHome App.

Note: If a list of apps appears under the login fields, please select "FontaHome".
6. After logging in, click "Authorize" to link your FontaHome account and the devices connected to it to Amazon Alexa.
7. When authorization is complete, close the page and click "RECOGNISE DEVICES". Amazon Alexa will now search for compatible devices from your FontaHome account.

8. You can now access your FontaHome devices and scenes via Amazon Alexa. Optionally, you can add the devices in the "Amazon Alexa" App to groups, so you can say, for example, "Alexa, turn off everything in the bedroom".

With the FontaHome app, you can use scenes and automations to control smart home devices to perform actions.
A scene is used to perform certain actions on devices with a click via the FontaHome app or by third party services.
A automation allows you to perform actions automatically according to defined conditions.
To create a scene or automation, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Scenes" in the FontaHome app, select "Scene" or "Automation" in the top right corner and click on the "+" sign.
  2. Enter the title for the scene/automation by tapping on the pencil icon.
  3. For automations, first set conditions that control the actions. By default, actions are executed as soon as a condition is met. If you only want the actions to be performed when all conditions are met, tap "If any condition is met" to change this.
  4. For scenes and automations, next set the actions by tapping the "+" sign under "Carry out the following actions". For scenes, you can enable/disable automations and control devices as actions. For automations, you can perform scenes, activate/deactivate automations, send notifications to the phone, and add delays to perform an action after a certain duration.
  5. Under "Valid time period", you can also set when an automation should be active in addition to the conditions.
  6. To delete a condition/action from a scene or automation, wipe to the left and tap "delete".
  7. To delete a scene/automation tap on "Delete scene".

Note: Actions are always processed from top to bottom. For example, if you have added a delay of one minute to the actions, the next action is triggered after one minute.

Fitness Uhr FontaFit 140 & Tavi 440

Make sure the sensor on the bottom of the fitness watch is clean. Avoid the use of greasy creams as these, as well as tattoos and dense hair, can affect the result. Wear the fitness watch about 1cm above your wrist bone and make sure it is close to your skin. Due to the limitation of the technology used (photoplethysmography), measuring with the fitness watch is not an alternative to medical equipment.

Make sure that the charging contacts of the fitness watch are clean and that the contacts of the USB plug are pointing in the right direction when plugged in. A battery symbol will appear on the display. If the battery is deeply discharged, leave the device connected to the USB power supply for some time. If no battery symbol appears, try connecting the fitness watch to the USB power source in reverse.

In order to prevent incorrect measurements due to hand movements, for example, the fitness watch only evaluates steps from 10-20 continuously run steps (FontaFit 140 firmware version MOY-OH2-1.7.0).

Date and time are synchronized with the smartphone as soon as the fitness watch has been established with the smartphone. Manual setting is not possible.

The sleep analysis only works if the device is worn during sleep; it is active from 20:00 to 10:00 hours. Analysis of sleep during the day is not possible (FontaFit 140 firmware version MOY-OH4-1.7.3).

The step counter of fitness watches is based on measurements of the accelerometer (G-sensor) during physical movements of the arm on which the fitness watch is worn.
This can occur during certain activities such as knitting, clapping or similar activities where the arm is moved.
For optimal results, wear the fitness watch during activities on the non-dominant arm. Alternatively, you can take the watch off during these activities.

PowerBank Kari 5.000mAh

Fully charge the Powerbank before first use. The charging time may vary depending on the charger. Check that the LED display is fully charged (all 4 LEDs light up). If the power bank only shows one LED, it is almost empty.

WiFi Smart Socket

To add the WiFi socket in FontaHome and connect it to your WiFi network, please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the power outlet by pressing the button briefly (LED lights up blue).
  2. Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds until the power outlet switches audibly.
  3. The LED should now flash red quickly (2 times/second).
  4. If the blue LED lights up, press the button briefly.
  5. The socket can now be added via the FontaHome app.

To configure in AP mode, please repeat the procedure.

Drahtloses TWS Headset Dima

Drahtloses Stereo Headset Toka

  1. Turn on both headsets by pressing and holding the multifunction button on both headsets for about 2 seconds. The headsets turn on and are directly in pairing mode (indicated by alternating flashing of the red and blue LEDs).
  2. Double-click the multifunction button of a headset. The headsets are connected as soon as „du-du“ sounds and the LED of one headset flashes blue, while the LEDs of the other headset continue to flash red/blue.
  3. Use your mobile phone, computer or another Bluetooth® transmitter in order to search for Bluetooth® audio devices.

Note: To use the headsets individually, switch on only one instead of both headsets and connect it to the Bluetooth® device.

Switch on the headset first by holding the multifunction key of both devices for about 2 seconds. Now double tap the multifunction key of one of the headsets. The headsets will connect to each other. When you hear two sounds in quick succession, the headsets are connected to each other.  The LEDs of one of them will blink blue, the other ones will blink red and blue. You should now search for Bluetooth® devices on your phone. Pick Toka on the list on your phone and connect your smartphone to the headset.
On repeat pairings this will occur automatically, if the battery is not fully drained.