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Pedestal for mounting EM2GO EV chargers made ofsteel with color coating for outdoor use.The 2-piece column provides a safe stand and allows a spacesaving installation, wherever power is needed for vehicles and awall mounting is not possible. Precise drill holes allow the chargers,plugs or hooks for ..
Whether on the road or at home, the hand and table fanwith two power levels provides pleasant cooling on hotdays everywhere.Equipped with a 1200 mAh battery and a wrist strap,the foldable fan is ideally suited for mobile use.In conjunction with the base, the compact fan can beused as a standalone un..
USB Type-C™ hub with 3 standard USB 2.0 ports and MicroSD card reader. The slim and compact hub offers numerous possibilities when it comes to fast data transfer or connecting peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Up to three devices with USB A port can be easily connected to your ..
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